Phoebe Kelly

20,000 Return Newprint

Self-published, 2024.

40 pages, 260 x 370mm, 60gsm newsprint.

Photography & Sequencing: Phoebe Kelly

Design: Sasha Taylor

First edition of 50.

A collection of photographs created over a 3-month road trip in 2023, camping across the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

On this trip I spent a lot of the time documenting the changing qualities of light and textures as we travelled, and photographing the various ways we spent our time far removed from our regular lives.

The 3-month period was an exercise in paying attention and close looking, making images as a way to show my appreciation for not only the awe-inspiring landscapes but smaller, modest moments. 

In making this project, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians of the many lands I had the privilege to learn about, visit and create on during this journey.