Phoebe Kelly

(re)situate Biennale Delegates Program 
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Creative Producing

10,000 KAZOOS
RISING Festival

Artist: Ciaran Frame
Date: Saturday 10th June
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Project Description:

Melbourne-based artist Ciaran Frame wanted to put 10,000 biodegradable kazoos in the hands of 10,000 people for the biggest musical project Melbourne has ever seen, and succeeded in a world record event that took place on a Saturday afternoon in Federation Square, hosted by comedian Sammy J, proving that everyone in Melbourne is a musician, regardless of background, education, language, or ability


As an associate producer at RISING I was the creative lead and supporting lead on a range of cross-disciplinary projects, often presented outside of traditional contexts or venues, such as the project 10,000 Kazoos.

As an Associate Producer working on the large-scale participatory work 10,000 Kazoos I worked with the artist to plan and deliver over 20 artist workshops over a 3-month period, engaging over 1700 participants across groups that ranged from primary and secondary students, community groups, performing art associations, and council libraries and galleries.

Working alongside the Senior Festival Producer and Operational and Technical teams I also assisted in the planning and delivery of the large-scale event, working through difficult technical, operational and risk requirements, engaging supporting artists, and stage managing on the day to produce an event that saw over 10,000 participants in one location to break a world record.

Visual Arts Practice

Project: Collective Breath
Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne
22 July 2023 – 24 September 2023 
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Artists: Phoebe Kelly, Nikhil James Arlo and Chloe Arnott

Project Description:

This exhibition explored the interaction and transference of breath between body, material and architecture. Using copper etching, artists Phoebe Kelly and Nikhil James Arlo charged the metal with the memory of touch, through a community centred studio process that involves the copper sheets being embraced by the artists’ families and loved ones’ bodies. Each person was instructed to take a single breath, leaving a physical or somatic relief, with this breath becoming solidified when the copper plates are treated in baths of chemicals and acids, following traditional etching processes.

As a collaborative exhibition, Dancer Chloe Arnott worked with the two artists across the project’s development to create a choreographed response to the copper works, activating the space with gestures of holistic resonance over three performance dates. The dancer and artists envisage this recording of bodies as an alchemical transference of energy, shared with the audience as a collective and continuous breath.