Phoebe Kelly

Vanishing Point
STABLE Artspace, Brisbane

13 – 14 August 2022

Vanishing Point brings together the work of three contemporary artists who approach the body as a site for thinking, being and becoming. Holly Anderson, Isabella Catenaro and Phoebe Kelly investigate the material possibilities of painting, sculpture and photography to evoke the body and examine the shifting relationships we form with ourselves, each other and our surroundings. By drawing attention to sensorial experiences of the body, the works in Vanishing Point create space for experiences that may be unseen, but are strongly felt. Seeking connection through uncertainty, finding authenticity amongst expectation, and locating meaning in receding moments, the works consider the gaps and overlaps that for in such spaces, questioning what is nurtured and what is forgotten.

       Installation views: A disappearing image (series of 3) (2022) photographic print on glass, custom steel hooks.

          Imprint hold (2022) bronze cast form.

   Impression (2022) bronze cast form.

     A disappearing image (series of 3), 2022, photographic print on glass, custom steel hooks.

        Light in passing (2022), beeswax, photographic print on georgette, custom steel frame.